Lucas Wiman

America being behind France in ‘upward mobility’, is like France being behind America in croissants and afternoon sex.

—Ariana Huffington (via kateoplis)

(via jinkhet)

How would an AI perceive humanity?

The AI project NELL (@cmunell) asserts the following:

"Corporate America" is a #Country

Funny, but also a great example of how difficult AI problems are.  There are loads of snippets of text on the web which support the idea that “corporate america” satisfies many of the predicates of a country: it has ambassadors in Washington, there are (figurative) citizens of Corporate America, it follows a grammatical construction similar to other place names “(united states of|south|north) america”, etc.

In a slightly more chilling example: 

"chemotherapy drugs" is a #PersonalCareProduct

To a true AI, would curing cancer look as vain and trivial as a wrinkle cream?